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Power Up

Packed with organic plant-based protein, nutritious superfoods, and organic mushroom complex, Power turns you from citizen to superhero.

Focus In

Powered by Ginkgo Biloba, B & D vitamins, and smart nutraceuticals, Focus helps you tune out distraction and be your most productive self.

Energy On

Fueled by energizing ancient herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids— with just a touch of plant-based caffeine — Energy picks you up but won’t send you crashing down.

Real stories from real people

“I began mid-March of this year and I have lost 15 lbs so far! I have 20 more to go, and I know Level TEN Health has the tools to get there. I just keep taking the products and practicing my MEDS (Mindset, Exercise, Diet, Sleep) and trusting the process…”

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Michelle Swafford 


Simply stated… Kathy Ferry, Pam Jacobson, Brie Belmonte Silberman and the Level TEN Health Team helped me change the course of my life and I will forever be grateful!  To date I am down 75 pounds and feel like my life is back…

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Jimmy Janevski

“I lost 27 pounds while on the Level TEN Health products and have kept most of that weight off for over a year! The way I think now and the way my body feels on the products is second to none and you gain a huge network to help you succeed…”

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Carol Casas

Our Superstar Formulator

Board-certified functional medicine practitioner. Licensed acupuncturist. Expert in Chinese Medicine. Resident genius. Meet Pam Jacobson, our Chief Wellness Officer and Formulator Extraordinaire.