Break your sugar addiction with these 3 simple steps: Shop smart, eat your protein and fat, and move your body. You will improve your mood, energy, and overall health by cutting out your sugar intake. You can make smarter food choices, eat less sugar, and feel healthier without feeling deprived.

Shop Smart – Plan Ahead 


The first key to breaking your sugar addiction is DON’T BUY IT. When you’re at the grocery store, shop around the perimeter of the store where the fresh and healthy foods are.

Stay out of the aisles where the bags and boxes of processed, unhealthy, and sugary foods are. Sugary foods are not only candy and cookies, but also breads, pasta, crackers, and grains. Your body turns these processed foods into sugar. If you want to eat a sweet treat, buy fresh fruits or organic high-quality dark chocolate instead.

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Eat Your Protein & Fat


Eating protein and fat is necessary in controlling your blood sugar level and is especially important for breakfast. If you eat the standard American breakfast, which is full of sugary foods like pastries, donuts, and grains, you’re setting yourself up to fail when it comes to controlling your sugar cravings.

You should start your day by eating a protein and fat meal, such as hard-boiled eggs and avocado. Another healthy breakfast is a vegetable medley sautéed in grass fed butter that is topped with ground flax seeds. You can even drink your POWER shake blended with almond butter. If you don’t have time to blend a shake, try eating a spoonful of almond butter.

If sugar cravings hit you in the afternoon, eat a fat or protein snack such as almonds or high-quality organic dark chocolate. For a crunchy snack, you can dip apple slices in almond butter, or dip red bell pepper slices in guacamole.


Move Your Body & Redirect Your Cravings


Exercise is key to controlling your blood sugar levels. You need to move your body every day, but especially when those sugar cravings kick in. Even short bursts of exercise will help you forget about your sweet tooth.

Every time you get a craving, stand up and move your body. You can do some jumping jacks, go for a walk around the block, or jump on a rebounder for 3 minutes. If you’re not in the mood to exercise, just take several deep breaths and drink about 20 oz. water. REDIRECT those cravings and MOVE your body.

For exercise tips and demonstrations of easy in-home workouts, check out our YouTube Fitness Page.

If you are consistent with these 3 things, your sugar cravings will decrease, and you will be on your way to breaking your sugar habit!

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