Distractions can derail any plan for success. Being organized and prepared is key to accomplishing your goals and being successful. These 3 tips will help you be organized for success.


Create Goals



If you want to be organized, you need a purpose or goal. Here are some questions to consider when creating a goal:


What exactly do you want to be successful at?



  • I want to lose 30 pounds.
  • What is the time frame for reaching the goal?


  • I am giving myself a timeframe of 6 months.


Is the goal realistic? Did you set yourself up to win?


To achieve a goal, it has to be realistic. Do your research and create realistic and achievable goals.


  • After much research, a realistic health weight loss goal is an average of 2.2 pounds per week. If I want to lose 30 pounds, I would need 14 weeks at 2.2 pounds per week. I feel confident that I could reach this goal and assure myself a win.


How will you track and measure your progress?



  • I use an app like My Fitness Pal on my phone to track what I eat.
  • I wear a device that syncs with my phone so I can track my activity.
  • I use a weight and body composition scale to measure my weight and body fat weekly.
  • I will tell my family, friends, and coworkers about my plan and ask them to help keep me accountable.


Establish a Plan



A goal without a plan is just a wish. To be organized, you need a plan of attack. Here’s a few tips to help you create a plan.


  • Choose a time each week that you can set aside to plan for your success. This can be an hour on your day off or even on the weekend.
  • Have a consistent schedule for your planning day.
  • Set a reminder each week to plan for your success.
  • Use your daily calendar as the template for planning. This is the same calendar you use for your work appointments, meetings, obligations, social events, etc.
  • Plug your self-care routine into your daily calendar by selecting specific times for meals, meditation, exercise, and sleep.
    Use a journal to account for your plan daily. Writing is a powerful tool to connect the brain and body.
  • Just before bed each night, make a checklist of your self care routine: sleep, meditation, exercise, diet. Check off those that you have completed.
  • If you did not complete a self care activity, journal what you can do better next time.


Prepare for Success




You can create goals and make plans, but you must take action and do it. Here are some tips to help you take action.


Set a time each week that you will prepare for success based on the plan you have created. It is best to do this at the same time you create your plan.



  • Decide the specifics of each meal for the week and prepare a food shopping list.
  • Go to the grocery store or place orders online.
  • Meal prep (clean, chop, and cook ahead of time) so that cooking during the week is easy.
  • Have a gym bag in your car for items you will need for exercise such as fitness clothes, shoes, watch, etc.
  • Prepare every night before bed so you are ready for the next day.


In order to manage successful self care with a busy lifestyle, you must plan and prepare. It is truly the secret to success. A small investment of time in the beginning can save huge amounts of time and stress.



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