You want to have good health, but sometimes you lose your motivation, get distracted, or give in to doubt. You need to remember your WHY to stay motivated, or else you will lose your focus and fail to achieve your goal. Not only do you need a strong WHY to be motivated, you need to do these 3 other things  to keep you motivated.


1. Track and Measure


Seeing your progress can be the motivation you need to keep going!



We sometimes feel like all our efforts in nutrition, fitness, and mindset are in vain because we are not seeing any immediate results. By tracking and measuring, you will see all the effort you have put forth, your gradual change, and how far you actually have come. 


Here are some ways to help you keep track of your efforts:


Smart Device Tracking Apps



  • Sleep Cycle – Analyzes your sleep and wakes you up at the most perfect time, feeling rested.
  • Sleep Score – The world’s most accurate non-contact sleep app.

Meditation Reminder/Tracker 

  • Insight Timer – #1 free app for sleep, anxiety, and stress.
  • Calm – Find your calm. Sleep more. Stress less. Live better.
  • Headspace – Be kind to your mind.



Wearable Trackers

Pen and Paper (Old School)

  • Make charts
  • Journal


2. Be Accountable 


People always do better when they do it together! 



Accountability means helping others be responsible for the goals they set. By keeping ourselves and others accountable, you can stay motivated and reach your goals. Fortunately, we naturally want to help others stay motivated towards any worthy goal. 


Here are some ways to be accountable:


  • Choose an accountability buddy and follow up with each other daily.


  • Tell your friends, family, and co-workers what your goals are and ask them to support you and hold you accountable.


  • Join a community that has similar goals, post your goals publicly, and ask for their support.



3. Celebrate Your Wins!


There’s nothing like celebrating your wins to keep you motivated!



You should get excited when you reach a new milestone. You worked hard and stayed consistent to your goals, and you should be proud of your progress. 


Here are some ways to responsibly celebrate your wins: 


  • When you set  your weekly goals, assign a reward for each milestone you reach. For example: This week I will go to bed every night by 10pm. Reward = New set of pajamas!


  • Make your rewards bigger and more important as you go.


  • Save the biggest reward for your final milestone and make it WORTH all the effort you’ve put in to get there. 


Any questions about staying motivate? Leave a comment below or email info@leveltenhealth.com.