Our Mission

Level TEN Health is on a mission to help the overworked, overwhelmed and stressed-out people of the world raise their health to a level ten through the creation of transformational products and programs that nourish body, mind and soul.

How it all began

Sometimes life takes you places you don’t expect. That was certainly the case for Kathy Ferry, CEO and Founder, when she struggled with a major health challenge that upturned her life. In her quest for wellness, Kathy worked with Pam Jacobson, who developed a health regimen for Kathy that nourished her depleted systems.

With their newfound friendship, emerged a shared passion to bring a similar life-changing program to the public to help people live their best life. As a result, Kathy and Pam partnered to develop a line of transformational products and programs that nourish body, mind and soul.

With encouragement and support from her husband Tom Ferry, Kathy launched Level TEN Health in January 2018 with the vision and commitment to help thousands reach their goals.

Tom Ferry is the founder of a successful International real estate coaching business located in CA. His mission is to assist real estate agents in achieving their ultimate potential. His belief that a healthy agent is a productive agent has provided Kathy and Pam a great starting point to launch their quest to help agents and you how to live your best life.

Tom & Kathy Ferry are TKF Health, LLC dba Level TEN Health.

Our Superstar Formulator

Our Chief Wellness Officer, Pam Jacobson, is a board-certified functional medicine practitioner, licensed acupuncturist, and formulator extraordinaire. Pam is the brains behind our formulas and it is her passion to help you optimize your health.

Pam’s knowledge and training is also used to develop the Level Up Program where you can optimize your health through nutrition, mindset and community. 

Our Products 

The Complete Health System is a synergistic trio to help you optimize your health. 

A high-quality protein powder enhanced with nutritious superfoods and immune-boosting mushrooms.

A revitalizing drink fueled by energizing ancient herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to pick you up.

A mental energy formula powered by ginkgo biloba, B & D vitamins to help be your most productive self.

Our Vision

Level TEN Health is much more than a company selling products. We are a passionate group of people committed to helping overworked, stressed-out people prioritize their own self-care. Our products, our program, and our community of like-minded individuals will help you take care of your body, mind and soul.

We firmly believe that the best life is one that is balanced in all areas, from your family to your finances, from your career to your contribution. The key to that balance is your health. Once your body is strong, your focus is sharp, and your energy is unstoppable — all the other pieces naturally fall into place.

Made to work

Get ready for a whole new level of awesome

Defined by quality

Quality means doing it right when no one’s looking

Expertly formulated

Brains behind our formulas by our superstar formulator

Utterly convenient

Take them with you and go on with your on-the-go self