To truly be successful, you must first examine the reason why you want success in the first place. A WHY is the purpose you give to your goals. Having a strong WHY is critical to keep you committed to the pursuit of success. You can go through the motions in life, but without a strong conviction, you will not reach your goals.


How to Discover Your WHY? 




Start by asking yourself these 4 important questions:


1. Why is obtaining this goal important to me? 




  • I want to lose weight because it is affecting my ability to be active with my grandchildren. 


  • My doctor told me if I do not lose weight, I will soon have diabetes.



2. What are the consequences if I do not reach my goal? 




  • I might miss valuable time with my children.


  • I could develop a health condition that will limit my quality of life and possibly my lifespan.



3. What are the benefits if I do reach my goal? 





  • I will be able to participate in my family’s lives.


  • I will feel better and have more energy.


  • I will have improved my quality of life, as well as my longevity.


4. Do the benefits outweigh the consequences and is that enough to keep me motivated to reach my goal?




  • Exercising helped me go from wanting to lose weight to understanding “WHY” I MUST lose weight. Now I am more likely to stay motivated on my weight loss journey.



With an established WHY, you are ready to accomplish your goals!





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