Going somewhere? Healthy choices do not have to stop once you walk out the door. You can plan ahead and prepare healthy meals and snacks when you are on the go! Here is our expert advice from Chief Wellness Officer Pam Jacobson. You can watch her Plan & Prep Video here.


Prep and Plan



If you want to have healthy and nutritious snacks and meals when you are out and about, the first thing you need to do is to create a plan and make the necessary preparations.


Step 1: Choose a day and time that you can consistently use to plan for the week ahead.


Get out your calendar with all of your appointments and look at how many meals you will be making at home and when you will be eating takeout.


Step 2: Make a shopping list and do your shopping on your prep and plan day. Try not to do your grocery shopping when you are hungry since that will tempt you to buy unhealthy foods.


When you come home, clean, chop and package your foods so they are ready to grab and go. Use to-go containers or tupperware so it is easy to take with you. 


Pam’s Pro Tip: Most evenings I make dinner for myself and my family, and I always cook more than I need for the meal so that I can use it for my lunch the next day or perhaps the starter for a dinner later in the week.


Step 3: Each evening before you end your day, pack what you need to take with you for the next day.


Organize your food so you can just grab it and go in the morning.


Use a Cooler



Keep your foods fresh while you are on the go. Food left in the car without a cooler can spoil, and it can lead to you searching for unhealthy foods. 


Step 1: Get a Cooler


Pam’s Pro Tip: I love using the Arctic Zone Titan Cooler

It’s a medium sized cooler with large side pockets, as well as storage pockets on the front and back. Perfect for a day outside the home!

Make sure to get 2 small ice packs as well. One ice pack goes in your cooler, and the other can be stored in the freezer and be ready when you need it. 


To make things easy, prepare your cooler the night before.


Step 2: Pack your essentials


Pack your POWER, ENERGY, and FOCUS to have during the day. Put extra products in the bag in case you forget to pack some or if you would like to share with a friend.


Also have plenty of packaged snacks on hand such as nuts, nut butters, olives and grain free/low sugar bars.


Pam’s Pro Tip: Here is my favorite snacks to pack:

Packaged nuts from Trader Joe’s

Nut butters from Barney Almond Butter

Grain-free and low sugar bars from Autumn Gold Grain-free Granola Bars

Tuck your snacks in a cooler pocket for easy access. When you need a snack, they will be easy to find.


Life on the go does not have to be unhealthy. If you follow the tips above, you can stay on track when you are out and about. 


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