Level Up Your Life

Our Level Up Health & Wellness Program helps you develop the tools and habits to reach your perfect health. Let us take you from where you are to where you want to be.

The Level Up Program

We developed a comprehensive health and wellness program to help you reach your health goals. We offer one-on-one health accountability coaching, exclusive community support, and our amazing products. Get real results and change your life! Start visualizing your optimal health with Level Up!

I lost 50 pounds so far overall. My doctor for my annual physical was blown away. She couldn’t believe how healthy I looked. Blood pressure was at 120/80 for the first time in decades. I have energy now! Steve Harney

Henrico, NC

I tried every diet and health fad, but Level Up is the only one that got me to change my mindset and how I think about my health. Now I’m living my best life, full of energy, plus I lost 10 pounds in 1 week! Lindsey Carroll-Kimble

Houston, TX

I’ve lost 15 lbs and it’s amazing what eating right and losing weight can do for your system. A huge weight off my shoulders. With gratitude for all the support to many of you! Level Up has changed my life. Scott Casas

Burlingame, CA

Real Accountability. Real Results.

One-on-One Accountability Coach*

Stay on track and get real results with weekly check-ups from our Level Up Accountability Coaches.  We’ll help you find your “WHY”, create a game plan, and follow up so you can reach your goals and optimal health. Accountability delivers results.

Exclusive Support Community*

Get support from people who are on the same health journey in our exclusive Level Up Community. Connect with our wellness, nutrition, and fitness professionals who can guide you to your optimal health. It takes a community to see real changes.

Tools for Success

We created useful and practical resources to ensure your success in the Level Up program. We want to set you up for success so you can have more power, energy, and focus in your life. Live your best life by joining the Level Up program.


Our Complete Health System gives you all the nutrients your body needs to Level Up your health. The combination of POWER, ENERGY and FOCUS work as a synergistic trio that give you plant-based nutrition, natural energy, and mental focus so you can level up your life.


Improve your mindset, become more positive, and visualize your perfect health.


Boost your nutrition by giving your body the food and fuel to reach your optimal health.


Give yourself the time to rest and recharge so you have the energy to reach your goals.


Develop a regular fitness routine to keep your body and mind in great shape.

*The Level Up program requires the purchase of a monthly subscription of the Complete Health System prior to joining. Accountability coaching and the online community are only available to official members of the Level Up program.