We’re more than just products

At Level TEN Health, our products are just the beginning of your health journey. Pair our products with lifestyle changes and you’ll maximize your results.

Getting Started

Level TEN Health offers more than just products; we offer a complete health program that includes advice about how to eat, destress, and move more. Change is challenging! You’ll have the most success if you follow these four tips on how to prepare for your health journey.


If you implement these lifestyle changes — eating smart, destressing, and working out —, you can expect results! While everyone’s results may vary, here are some of the health benefits you may experience:

• Increased energy
• Greater mental clarity
• Encourages a positive mood
• Stress Resiliency

Three Easy Steps

Our Chief Wellness Officer and Formulator Extraordinaire, Pam Jacobson, has sifted through all the contradictory health information out there, separated fact from fiction, and distilled her knowledge into easy, actionable steps anyone can take.

Eat Smart

Your food is your fuel, and the kind of fuel you consume affects how well your body runs.

Stress Less

We all have stress. Learn how to manage your stress so you can build your stress resilience.

Get Moving

Our bodies were meant to move. Learn more about the benefits of regular physical activity.