Getting started - How to prepare

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Identify your why

Before you begin, identify a clear vision for WHY you are making this change. Do you want to feel more energy…lose weight…be in a better mood? Write it down and post it on your fridge. Then, when you’re tempted to stray, you can recapture your motivation instantly.

Start small

Don’t try to make sweeping changes to your diet, stress management, or exercise routine you’ll just be setting yourself up for failure. Research has shown that small changes can have a big impact. Once those small changes become habits, you can add new ones, improving your health step by step.

Get committed

Make a firm commitment to stick to the changes you choose to make. Yes, you have a busy life.
Guess what: most of us do! The person who succeeds isn’t the one who has more time — it’s the one who says, I’m going to do this — no matter what!”

Be ready to fall and get back up

Inevitably, you’ll have setbacks along your health journey. Being committed doesn’t mean doing it perfectly. It means getting back up when you fall and redoubling your efforts. Level TEN Health makes your journey easier, with our private Facebook support group. There, you can access tons of educational videos from our formulator, Pam Jacobson, and join a family of hundreds of your colleagues who are here to support you.