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The Level TEN Health community shares their amazing success stories.

Level Up Testimonials

Our health and wellness programs help our participants achieve self-mastery while working on their physical transformations. Here are their amazing stories about how Level Up changed their lives.

Level Up was amazing. The program helped me get my life back and live my life the way I want. The accountability and community kept me focused on my health goals, and I lost over 30 pounds in 90 days. Laurie Eastman

Costa Mesa, California

I tried every diet and health fad, but Level Up is the only one that got me to change my mindset and how I think about my health. Now I’m living my best life, full of energy, plus I lost 10 pounds in 1 week! Lindsey Carroll-Kimble

Houston, Texas

Level TEN Health Products

Our high-quality products – POWER, ENERGY, FOCUS – help people get healthier and live their best lives. Here are their amazing stories about how Level TEN Products changed their lives.

Level TEN Health is so valuable for us and as soon as people give it a chance and get involved in the lifestyle and the program, you are going to see that difference in your attitude, performance and energy level. Gia and James Silva

Long Beach, California

I’ve been using Energy every day. I mix it with 33 oz of water and it is really helping me in the sluggish hours of the afternoon. I feel like a million dollars. I love ENERGY! Glennda Baker LeBlanc

Manetta, Georgia

Just want to share a little on my Level TEN Health experience lately. I’ve been on the product now since February and I couldn’t be more pleased. Lucinda Hage

Newburg, Oregon

I am drinking just 1 of the Energy drinks a day in a big bottle of water and I am going through the entire day. I don’t have the ups and downs. I have so much more energy. Thank you for making these products! Robyn Burdett

Reston, Virgina

I am just so glad I found the products and that I made the investment. And that I have been on them ever since because they have really changed my life. Steven Sarasin

Ontario, Canada