Brian Eskin

For years, I have lost the battle to lose those last few pounds. It’s the last big hurdle I’m trying to achieve professionally and personally. I have tried other programs and could not stay on them due to the complete meal replacement nature of the program without having the chance to eat things I love to eat. It felt like torture. 
With Level TEN Health, I enjoy the fact that I have a POWER shake or two and enjoy the taste, which over the long haul means a lot to me. Plus I can mix it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, which I use consistently as a replacement to dairy milk. I add the FOCUS pills to the shake and maybe some strawberries, raspberries or blueberries, and I am all set. I also enjoy the ENERGY drink, which I drink throughout the morning.  
As for my weight, I know it drops slightly over time and I feel that this is the only method to lose the weight properly. And I expect when I finally meet my goal weight I won’t fall victim to the yo-yo effect. I never felt the need to have more than a POWER shake for lunch and realized that I ate way more than what I really needed. 
I love how meditation is part of the Level Up Program. Doing a 10 minute meditation daily keeps me calm and ready to face my day. 

Brian Eskin
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