Michelle Swafford

I first discovered Level TEN Health in March 2020 at my very first Tom Ferry Event: Sale Edge in Miami, FL. This was right before COVID-19 truly reared its ugly head. While at the conference, an LTH team member was at the table handing out samples of ENERGY and on day 2 we struck up a conversation. She was so friendly and not pushy and even though I didn’t want to try the ENERGY, she gave me a sample to try in the morning as I was hoping to get off coffee.


The morning came and I poured the ENERGY into my water bottle, and I noticed I didn’t crash like I would with coffee or sugary drinks. By this time, I was curious and wanted to know more about the product. I got another sample and additional reading material on the products and programs. I liked how the ingredients were good, wholesome, and safe. I have a difficult time detoxing so that’s super important to me.


A week later and back to reality at home and work, I get on the website and requested more information only intending to purchase the ENERGY. After all, I had multi-vitamins and protein shakes had never worked for me.


Gigi, a Level TEN Health Team Member, reached out and I discovered the added bonus of the Level Up Program and the accountability coaching…WEEKLY….for 30 minutes! The accountability coaching and ENERGY are the reasons I said yes to getting everything.


The first couple of weeks in the Level Up Program were hard, but I kept persevering. I simply drink the Chocolate POWER with ice water. After some tweaking, the POWER shake and a banana are all that I need for lunch.


Why I believe Level TEN Health, its products, and the Level Up Program is so effective and so different than any competitor out there:
1.  Accountability
2.  Simplicity
3.  Quality


I began mid-March of this year and I have lost 15 lbs so far! I have 20 more to go, and I know Level TEN Health has the tools to get there. I just keep taking the products and practicing my MEDS (Mindset, Exercise, Diet, Sleep) and trusting the process. I wanted something sustainable and Level TEN Health is certainly that. It’s a health company that focuses on the whole person, not just diet. When you make subtle, sustainable changes, that’s the key to lasting success.


Do I do the Level Up Program perfectly and follow it to a T? No, but I keep putting one foot in front of the other, do the best that I can,  and make small changes that are affecting me physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Everything works synergistically but the Level Up Program accountability is what makes the biggest impact. Just knowing that I have someone with knowledge who encourages me on this journey and also gives me additional tools to be successful has really made a huge difference in my life. I would have quit a long time ago had it not been for Gigi. She’s amazing and such a huge asset to Level TEN Health.


I’m so glad to have found Level TEN Health. It has been such a blessing to me and my family.
Michelle Swafford
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