Wellness Wednesday with Pam Jacobson

Fill your mind with knowledge and get the facts on how to live a healthy life from Level TEN Health’s Chief Wellness Officer, Pam Jacobson.

Pam Jacobson Covers It All

Our Chief Wellness Officer, Pam Jacobson, tells us everything you need to know about living a healthy lifestyle. As a board-certified medicine practitioner and over 40 years in healthcare, Pam’s expert knowledge in health can guide you to reach your wellness goals. Pam covers a variety of topics from mindset, nutrition, weight loss, and overall wellness. If you have a specific question for Pam, you can email her at info@leveltenhealth.com.

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Are you looking to lose weight, eat healthier or have a question about a trendy diet? Watch Pam’s videos like “Where to Find Healthy Fast Food“, “Pam’s Holiday Meal Plan Advice“, or “Pam’s Favorite Healthy Snacks & Beverages”


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Are you stressed-out, having a hard time sleeping, or need a guided meditation? Watch Pam’s videos on mindset like “Best Mindset Going into the New Year“, “Give Thanks – The Power of Gratitude“, or “How to Manage Stress with Heart Rate Tools.


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Do you need help with fitness or general wellness? Watch Pam’s videos like “How to Improve Your Fitness“, “The Benefits of Walking You Didn’t Know“, or “How to Handle Inflammation“.


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Have a specific question about a random health topic? Watch Pam’s videos like “How to Digital Detox Your Timeline“, “Pam’s Ask Me Anything“, or “Anti-Aging Tips“.


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